VIA Pixetto© Vision Sensor

AI vision sensor for students, makers, and robotics enthusiasts.


  • Include 16+ built-in functions

  • Support Tensorflow Lite

  • Support Python

  • Support Javascript

  • Support Arduino

  • Support Micro:bit

  • Support Scratch 3.0

  • Support Wi-Fi

  • Support Windows 10

  • Support Ubuntu 20.04

Built-in Functions

ID Functions Description
1 Color detection Identification of the object color, size, coordinates
2 Color combinations Match the specified combination of colors, for example red with green.
3 Shape detection Detecting triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal
4 Sphere detection Detect the specified color ball, the return size and position.
5 Template matching * Compare the similarity to recognize objects. Suitable for still photographs.
6 Feature point detection * Object classification by feature points. Can store five sets of feature points.
7 *Neural network* Execute the uploaded neural network model for the object classification.
8 Face detection Detect the human face and get its coordinates.
9 Traffic sign recognition Identify the traffic sign and get its coordinates..
10 Handwritten digits Handwriting recognition for digits.
11 Handwritten letters Handwriting recognition for letters.
12 AprilTag (16h5) * Read AprilTag to get id, coordinates, three-axis tilt angle, and distance.
13 Remote computing * Link to a PC or a server via Wi-Fi for advanced object detection..
14 Lane detection Identify the center and the edge of the lane.
15 Arithmetic Identify arithmetic formulas and return calculated results.
16 Easy classifier * Return a number which may be used to identify the target object.


* Can be used to identify an unknown object

Hardware Specification

Model Name Pixetto
Processor ARM Cortex-A7 900MHz
System Memory 64MB DDR SDRAM
Storage 128MB SPI Flash Memory
Camera Sensor GalaxyCore GC2053 CMOS Image Sensor
Camera Resolution 1920×1080
Camera Lens 130° field-of-view
Onboard I/O

3 LEDs (for power, OS booting and active status)
1 Reset button
1 Microphone
1 Grove connector
1 Micro USB 2.0 port
1 Micro SD card slot
1 Wi-Fi antenna (802.11bgn​)

Power Supply

5V/500mA Micro USB 2.0 port
5V/300mA 4-pin Grove connector

Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 45°C
Board Dimensions 38mm x 38mm (1.5” x 1.5”)